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      Business services

      We manage these services for you so that you can enjoy the maximum confidence and clarity offered by the Luxurity organisation.


      Security officers

      We facilitate the contact of qualified professionals through security companies to provide services in housing developments, construction sites, public and private institutions, hotels, ports and events, where they will work professionally and successfully to meet the objectives of your company nationwide.

      .Small, medium and large enterprises

      .Individual dwellings

      .Blocks and housing estates

      .Garages and other properties


      Camera systems

      Luxurity connects with homologous companies of surveillance cameras assemblies to offer you the best system that will provide you with a simple clip access to your home or business with your smartphone or tablet from the direct application and enjoy the security that everything works as you want.

      .Small, medium and large enterprises

      .Individual dwellings

      .Blocks and housing estates

      .Garages and other properties


      Alarm system

      Give value to your property with the alarm systems of homologated companies, where luxurity facilitates the contact to offer you security and peace of mind wherever you are, knowing that your most valuable assets are properly protected.

      .Small businesses, medium-sized and large retail outlets

      .Individual dwellings

      .Blocks and housing estates

      .Garages and other properties


      We offer you a cleaning service customised to the needs of your business, taking care of every detail. Now more than ever, cleaning and disinfection must be up to date in all sectors for everyone's safety.




      .Industrial buildings


      Vtcs with driver

      Luxurity trabaja de forma conjunta con vtc ofreciendo una gama de vehiculos que estan a su disposicion para llevarle a cualquier lugar que desee, contando con un servicio Luxury en el trato con el cliente, planificacion de itinerario, conocimiento de la zona y ayuda personalizada en cualquier gestion que necesite.

      .Travel to airports

      .Collection of relatives

      .Private events

      .Displacements to important persons

      .Tourist routes

      Bus / Microbus

      Disfrute con más intensidad y libertad en sus eventos favoritos, viajes y excursiones donde lo último que deberá hacer es preocuparse por el desplazamiento con nuestra línea de bus / microbus que ofrece luxurity.


      Los grandes momentos sumado con detalles originales hacen inolvidables los recuerdos, te gestionamos las mejores limusinas para hacer especiales  e inolvidable tu tiempo mas preciado.

      .Stag and hen parties



      .Special days