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      Quality and service above all else

      We offer a friendly and helpful service

      Get to know our exclusive work system: Study, Planning and results.



      Trust, Professionalism, Organisation, Friendliness, Service, Responsibility, Seriousness, Experience, Transparency, Honesty, Loyalty and Tolerance.

      We take care of the environment in all our processes.

      We are committed to caring for, valuing and providing quality work for our employees.


      There is a constant upward drive for innovation and improvement throughout the organisation to provide a high quality service to our customers.

      We work together with the N.G.O. Miradas al Mundo in order to help improve the lives of thousands of people with humanitarian projects of: Health, Education, Food, Development, Water, etc...

      Our great ambition is to serve and improve the quality of life of as many people as possible with the service group we offer.


      LUXURITY is an exclusive company of access controllers and internal environment, auxiliary and manager of services related to security through partner companies.
      It is based on principles and meaning where its main objective is to bring value to humanity.
      Our wide range of values, professionalism and experience means that we offer a different and high quality service to all our clients. We have a clear idea of what our objectives are and we apply them 100% for the improvement of all our clients.
      The main mission is to turn this sector around by re-establishing working dynamics that ensure success in all areas.
      The organisation has a humanitarian commitment where it collaborates directly with the N.G.O. Miradas al Mundo creating projects of great importance to help improve the quality of life of many people.



      The friendly treatment with the client, organisation, image, professionalism and experience characterise us for creating a unique work in all the services providing value to your project due to our personalised work system offering the best Control and Management in:

      ·Operational -Port -Hotels -Supermarkets -Agencies -Concerts -Discotheques -Beach club -Catering -Festivals -Weddings ·Entidades publicas y privadas